K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kits (FIPK), Turbo


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K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kits (FIPK)

2006 -2010 TURBO Cruisers

The World’s Best Flowing, Best Filtering, High Performance
“Street-Legal” Air Filtration Systems

  • Guaranteed to Provide more HP and Increased Acceleration
  • Engineered to Specific Vehicle Design
  • Easy to Install, Usually in 90 minutes or less!
  • Lasts up to 100,000 Miles Before Service is Required (depending on driving conditions)
  • Million Mile Limited Warranty
  • Replaces OEM Filter and Air Box
  • Air Filter is Washable and Reusable
  • Works with Original Equipment Manufacturer Computer Systems
  • Designed to use Factory Holes & Mounting Points Whenever Possible


K&N’s Ultimate Performance Product

  • Street Legal in All 50 US States

  • Designed to increase horsepower by as much as 10%

  • 10 Year / Million Mile Limited Warranty

  • Available for 2006 -2010 PT Cruisers, and many other popular vehicles   

 Step up to the best! 

Air Charger Performance Kits replace the air box and the restriction. Our Air Charger Kits vary in design because each kit is engineered to fit a particular make, model and year of vehicle. Air Charger use a 360 degree, Filter charger element which provides increased surface area to promote air flow. Port injected engines are designed with a conical shaped filter while centralized fuel injection systems are equipped with an open element. This allows the vehicle to use all the air the engine can physically use. Unlike many restrictive factory intake plenums and filters, Air Charger drastically reduce restriction while smoothing and straightening the air flow. Air Charger allow your engine to ingest greater volumes of air which ensures usable power and torque throughout it’s entire rpm range. If your engine is turbocharged or supercharged, the power gains can be phenomenal because these engines are very sensitive to intake air flow.

Price: $339.99
K&N Turbo Intake, 2006-2010