In Channel Window Visors

PT Cruiser Inline Window Vent Visors


In Channel Window Visors (OUT OF STOCK)

2001-2010, Ventilation made easy, rain or shine, while parked or in motion! These are precision crafted in Australia and a OEM approved supplier to nearly 20 of the world’s finest vehicle manufacturers. Sold in set of 4-Piece Smoke Slimline In-Channel Window Visors for the PT Cruiser 

SlimLine WindowVisors provide a stylish alternative to full bubble style Weather Visors. The attractive custom molded slimmer styling provides a controlled airflow into your vehicle without the effects of wind buffeting. Regulated airflow during wet conditions means window fogging is reduced. 

Instead of adhering permanently to your vehicle, the “In-Channel” feature means that these window visors lock into the upper window channel of your car doors, fitting snugly into place without compromising window closure. 

SlimLine Window Visors are easy to install, quick to clean and offer a perfect fit for your PT. Available in Dark Smoke, they improve air circulation within your vehicle and assist in the circulation of fresh air. They can also help reduce the build-up of heat in a parked vehicle and offer an integrated and styled appearance. While parked you can leave the windows open an inch or two to keep the interior cool, and while driving with the windows open, you can take advantage of the fresh outside air while minimizing the amount of wind and noise entering your vehicle. On rainy days you can partially open your window without getting soaked, allowing an added bit of ventilation to remove stale or smoky air. It is clearly your finest choice. 


    • Maximize your fresh air enjoyment.
    • Optically transparent.
    • OEM quality.
    • Sleek aerodynamic styling.
    • Reduces wind noise.
    • Installs inside the window channel.
    • No unsightly exterior tape.
    • Minimizes interior heat when parked.
  • Helps keep side windows dry in the rain.

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Weathertech Inchannel Window Visors, Set of 4