K&N Performance Gold“ Oil Filters


K&N Performance Gold Oil Filters

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K&N Performance Gold Oil Filters


  • Wrench nut for quick and easy removal
  • Meets or exceeds engine filtration requirements
  • Heavy duty construction with increased wall thickness for higher burst strength
  • Emission legal in all 50 US States.
  • Oil flow rate 12-16 gallons per minute (depending on oil filter size)


 K&N Performance Gold“ Oil Filters for automotive and marine applications has been constructed from the ground up to satisfy the high performance needs of race car owners and drivers, as well as the average vehicle or boat owner who wants the very best oil filter available.  Our oil filter’s efficiency rating meets or exceeds the requirements of high performance automotive engine builders.  The heavy duty construction provides over 550 PSI hydrostatic burst.  The real quality isn’t just on the outside… the inner filter element traps contaminant as small as 10 to 20 microns in size.  We use metal top end caps instead of paper to ensure that no unfiltered oil can get back into the system.  The solid construction allows for oil flow rates between 12-16 gpm (depending on filter size), and is unaffected by racing fuels.  All K&N Performance Gold“ Oil Filters are manufactured to exacting engineering standards. 
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