Chrysler PT Cruiser Fog Light Kit, 06-10

Chrysler PT Cruiser Fog Light Kit,06-10


Chrysler PT Cruiser Fog Light Kit 2006-2010

Fog lights undercut inclement weather and minimize glare. This kit uses the same lights Chrysler installs as an option at the factory. Designed specifically for your PT Cruiser, these lights will provide a truly integrated look. Kit includes a dash-mounted switch, wire harness, and fog lights.

  • Wiring, hardware, and switch included
  • Factory-installed appearance

If you wish you had opted for fog lights on your PT Cruiser, We can make it happen. Note: Some vehicles require computer reconfiguration with Starscan tool after installation for fog light operation. This can be completed at your local dealer. 2006 To 2010

Price: $

Fog Light Set, 2006-2010