PT Cruiser Helix Power Tower Intake, 01-10


PT Cruiser Helix Power Tower Intake

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PT Cruiser Helix Power Tower Intake

Products for your PT Cruiser that can provide up to 20 more horsepower and improved torque. By simply bolting on a one-inch

spacer beneath the throttle body, you will improve drivability, gain confidence from more responsive performance, and increase

fuel economy. The Helix Power Tower is designed and tested to provide a better low-end torque gain to better off-idle performance.

The threaded bore takes the standard incoming air entering the engine and swirls the air. This swirl action enables the incoming

air to navigate and past obstacles in the intake port to better fill the cylinder.

The more air entering the cylinder mixed with fuel will better the power output. Vehicle warranty will not be affected by installing

a Power Tower Throttle body.
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Helix Tower 01-10