PlasmaGlow Plasma Xenon Bulbs, HOT PRICE!!


PlasmaGlow Plasma Xenon Bulbs


PlasmaGlow Plasma Xenon Bulbs,  HOT PRICE!!


Only PlasmaGlow bulbs combine the power of Xenon and Krypton Gas, with the highest light output possible! 

Headlamp bulbs are available in Plasma Blue
blue-headlight-blue blue-headlightbulbs

PlasmaGlow Xenon Replacement Bulbs use the power of Xenon and Krypton gas to give your car the unique look you are looking for! our Plasma Xenon bulbs will give your headlights the custom look you desire. Not only do they provide high performance Xenon light. But when viewed at an angle, they produce a colored halo that is sure to turn heads! All of our bulbs are direct replacements for your stock bulbs and can be installed in about 10 minutes. Our bulbs are also designed to work with your stock wiring with no additional upgrades. They are designed to increase performance without an increase in power draw or heat.

Price: $11.00
High or Low Beam SALE PRICE