CMS Chrome Plated Plastic Nut Covers


CMS Chrome Plated Plastic Nut Covers


CMS Chrome Plated Plastic Nut Covers Now “46” Pieces

Dress up the under-hood area of your PT with these bright, chrome plated plastic nut covers. These versatile decorations can be used to hide unsightly black or rusted nut/stud locations. Each kit contains 2 Extra Large, 18 Large, 14 Medium and 12 Small covers that press-on fit, but can be removed when necessary. Covers fit over the nuts that secure the engine bay area, hood hinges, struts, inside door jambs, etc. Covers also fit the bolt heads and dress up the center post of the driver and passenger door openings. If the nut cover wont fit tight it is recommended to use silicone gel or other adhesive to secure cover in place.
Price: $28.00
PT Cruiser Nut Cover Set